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Greetings, Meatbag!

Welcome to the Journal of Knowledge and Power! Well, not really. I mostly post very random thoughts that make no sense, boring photos of office furniture, and stupid things submitted to the Neopets forms because they're funny (when I have time to trudge through them). That's it. If you were looking for anything other than that, your friends lied to you. That, or Google malfunctioned. It's been known to happen.
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One of three entries to the Warcraft Battlecry mosaic.

"I totally wanted to get a photo into the Warcraft Anniversary Battlecry mosaic, and a handful of my WoW-playing co-workers were kind enough to join me. Thanks, guys! And thanks to Ziggytron for snapping the photos."

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We found this outside on the way to lunch. It was stuck above a crosswalk button, waiting to be discovered.

Visit the website. You will not be disappointed.

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So, it's clear that my need to title and caption every photo before it goes up is still strong, but I've managed to post 150+ photos from Neopets 10th birthday festivities. Yay!

Balloons, Moehog piñata, food, cake, and shenanigans. A good time was had by all.

Weird thing is, I think the most fun I had was the night before the celebrations hanging out and putting the gift together. Hehe. But both days were a blast. Here's to 10 more years!

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Comastar sent some of our Halloween photos to a friend of her's, just to share the fun. Three weeks later, a package arrives for her containing this painting of one of those photos. It was done completely out of the blue as a gift for Comastar.

This picture doesn't do the painting justice at all! It's 100 times more awesome in person. Blame my cell phone for the shoddy quality.

Anyway, best thing ever. L.M. Stephens, I don't know you, but you totally made my day.

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The full group. :D

We won best group in the building's costume contest. Then, DJ Skellington (Hellboy) won 2nd in the office contest. Hooray!

A few more photos over in the Flickr group.

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snarkie is a 27-year-old girl from SoCal who likes to code just about anything and has lately had an affinity for wearing her hair in pigtails. That's about it.

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